Networks & Primary Care Leaders

NEW PROGRAMME COMING 2023 – supporting the integration of Primary Care

Qualitas is launching a programme in 2023 to support Primary Care organisations and their leaders. The programme will help leaders within ICBs, PCNs and Primary Care Teams develop the skills they need to run successful projects and services which can deliver the Integrated Neighbourhood vision outlined in the Fuller report.

The programme will incorporate:

  • How to collaborate effectively with others, both within your own Primary Care Organisation (such as a PCN) and with others in your integrated neighbourhood team 
  • How to agree and embed a coherent vision, mission and set of values within your Primary Care locality /Integration Neighbourhood teams / Place 
  • How to navigate and resolve conflict 
  • How to develop and maintain high-performing teams 
  • How to adapt to change and manage risk 
  • How to ensure a patient-centric approach 
  • How to maximise profit through greater efficiency 
  • How to prepare for the future in an era of constant change 

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