Time for Care support for GP teams and PCNs

As an official partner of NHS England, Qualitas works with the Time for Care team to deliver quality improvement to general practices.  

So far, we have worked with over 1,000 general practices, saving them a total of 242,535 hours of clinical and admin time per year. This equates to a cost saving of £6.2 million.

The Time for Care Team has announced support for the following offer for general practice teams and Primary Care Networks:

Time for Care support for GP Practices and PCNs: Apply for funding

What support does the offer include?

Support will be tailored to your local needs and could include:

  • Managing increases in patient demand
  • Reducing admin workload for GPs
  • Optimising remote consultations
  • Facilitating greater collaboration between practice teams and local partners, e.g. care homes
  • Leading change in an evolving landscape
  • Improving processes to maximise benefits for staff and patients

What are the specific benefits to my practice or network?

  • Enhanced availability and access to GP appointments
  • Improved care for patients
  • More time for staff through greater efficiency
  • Developing skills and the confidence to innovate
  • Embedding and sustaining positive changes
  • Effectively managing patients’ needs which may currently be unmet

How do I access the support?

100% support is offered. You can access this support by applying here.

Please note: by applying for this scheme, you may not necessarily be working with Qualitas. We are one of four Delivery Partners for the Time for Care team and whilst we would love to work with you all, partner allocation is determined by NHS England.

What timescales are involved?

Schemes will start in October and run through to December 2020.

Time for Care are also now taking applications for the next 2 waves starting in November and January

We wish you success with your application for this programme. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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