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The General Practice Improvement Programme (GPIP) – Practice Level Support, is a nationwide initiative designed to support practices move to a  modern general practice model, ultimately delivering better outcomes for patients. 

As a trusted delivery partner for the NHS, Qualitas Consortium plays a pivotal role in implementing and delivering Practice Level Support to general practices nationwide. Our team of expert facilitators work closely with practices to provide tailored support, resources and guidance to help them achieve their improvement goals.  


  • Better align capacity with demand
  • Improve the working environment for staff
  • Improve patient experience
  • Build capability to sustain improvement
  • Operational efficiency tools and resources
Practices worked with
Million saved
Hours saved

Programme Highlights

Enhanced quality of care and patient outcomes
Improved practice efficiency and productivity
Access to expert guidance
Networking opportunities with other practices

Sign up for Practice level support

If you’re interested in participating in the General Practice Improvement Programme or would like to learn more about how Practice level support can help implement Modern General Practice , please contact your ICB.