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Our next Pathway to Partnership Programme starts on 11th September 2024

Programme Overview

Pathway to Partnership is an award-winning development programme, designed to transform organisations and Partners.

Available for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) at scale, this comprehensive programme is curated to assist your organisations in navigating the intricacies of healthcare leadership, address financial challenges, and ensure operational sustainability. If you’re looking to enhance your practice’s financial and operational strategies and overall resilience, this programme is just for you.


Leadership: Enhance personal leadership skills by mastering various leadership styles, crisis management, and fostering healthy partnerships.

Strategy: Acquire effective team leadership techniques, incorporating conflict resolution strategies and successful change management methods.

Operations: Attain proficiency in strategic planning, innovative thinking, and the practical aspects of developing and implementing a practice strategy.


At £3,000 per Partner, Pathway to Partnership aligns with the PCN DES 24/25 funding stream via the Capacity and Access Support Payment (CASP) in supporting Partners to develop their Leadership and Strategy skills and improve Operational efficiency.

Head to page 50, section 11, of the Network Contract DES 2024/25 to find out more. Use the link below.

How is your practice doing? Assess your readiness with our complimentary scorecard.

Programme information


*12-month programme

*6 face-to-face sessions (10am – 6pm, Euston, London)

*7 virtual check-ins (1.5 hours each, via MS Teams, 12:30pm – 2:00pm)

*All sessions recorded for convenience


Our next cohort runs from September 11, 2024, to July 23, 2025
All sessions are held on Wednesdays

Virtual check-ins dates:

*September 11, 2024
*November 6, 2024
*December 18, 2024
*February 12, 2025
*April 30, 2025
*June 18, 2025
*July 23, 2025

Face-to-face sessions:

*October 2, 2024
*November 27, 2024
*January 29, 2025
*March 26, 2025
*May 21, 2025
*July 9, 2025


*Blended virtual and in-person format

*6 full-day face-to-face sessions in Euston, London, 10:00am – 6:00pm

*7 virtual check-ins on MS Teams, 12:30pm – 2:00pm

*In-person attendance strongly recommended to maximise networking and collaborative opportunities


*Programme fee: £3,000 per Partner.

*Funding opportunities available via your PCN and ICB.

*PCNs and ICBs can commission the programme at a discounted price for network-wide participation. Email us at [email protected].

More Information

For more information, download our ‘Pathway to Partnership Prospectus’ where you find out more details on the programme curriculum, content, speakers, and more.

Programme highlights

Acquire effective team leadership techniques, encompassing conflict resolution approaches all the way to successful change management methods.Enhance leadership skills by exploring various leadership methodologies.Master crisis leadership strategies to cultivate a healthy partnership.
Understand the fundamental components of strategy, including values, culture, and vision.Explore practical aspects of developing and implementing a practice strategy.Learn governance and organisational design.
Explore the GP Practice operating model by looking at financial management and legal considerations.Assess service delivery models and learn how to utilise technology for governance and performance managementEnvision future healthcare opportunities through technology
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What past participants say about the programme

My confidence as a partner has increased exponentially because of this programme. It has given me time and space to be able to consider what I am actually meant to be doing and has been invaluable.

Katrina Humphreys
GP & Partner at Lisson Grove Health Centre

Pathway to Partnership helped us develop a clear vision and culture. We feel more galvanised and positive as a result, which has had a huge impact on day-to-day working in the practice.

Dr Alex Watters
GP & Partner, Brookside Surgery

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