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Our next Pathway to Partnership Programme starts on 11th September 2024

Programme Overview

It’s a well-worn phrase, but your people are your greatest asset. Investing in their skills and prioritising their engagement are key to building a high-performing team. Join Pathway for High Performing Teams and learn how to build a robust people strategy. Become a more effective leader, get the best from your people and maximise your organisation’s potential.

What to expect from Pathway for High Performing Teams

Acquire strategic recruitment and selection skills to build high-performing teams, enhancing performance, productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

Develop effective onboarding strategies to create a positive first impression, seamlessly integrating new recruits into the practice and supporting their transition to their roles.

Master the art of leadership as coaching, unlocking the potential of each team member and fostering a growth mindset in the dynamic primary care environment. 

Programme highlights

Recruiting for success
Find the best fit for your team by recruiting with a clear sense of your own ‘why’. Effective recruitment and selection boosts performance, productivity, satisfaction and retention.
Getting people on board
First impressions count. Every practice needs a strong onboarding experience for new employees. Learn how to embed new recruits into your practice and support their transition to their new role.
Going for growth
Support your people with a positive approach to performance management. Learn to make use of objectives and co-create development plants that support your employees' growth and wellbeing.
Leadership as coaching
Unlock the potential of each person in your team with a coach approach to leadership. Your people will learn to embrace growth and stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing environment of primary care.
Building a high performing team
Effective teams are more likely to achieve their goals. Ultimately, this boosts practice efficiency and improves patient outcomes. Set your practice up for success with the skills you need to build a high-performing team.
Managing change
Change starts with an ending – and ends with a beginning. Our final module gives you the skills to lead and support your employees through change.

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Programme information


*6-month programme
*6 full-day sessions and 4 virtual check-ins with practical expercises


*Programme dates coming soon!

*Interested? Join the waiting list by getting in touch.


*Blend of virtual and in-person elements

*Flexibility to attend in person or online

*6 face-to-face sessions in Euston, London (10:00am – 6:00pm)

*4 virtual check-ins on MS Teams (12:30pm – 2:00pm)



Healthcare leaders looking to develop their organisation



*£4,500 for two participants

*Commission at scale for PCNs, LMCs, and ICBs

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