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Stay inspection-ready year-round with our CPD-accredited workshop, CQC Ready Every Day. tailored for Practice Management to gain valuable insights to ensure Practice teams are well-prepared for inspections at any time.


CQC Inspection Fundamentals: Acquire a deep understanding of the fundamentals of CQC inspections, including insights into the Practice Operating Model, what the CQC looks for, and how it operates.

Operational Readiness: Learn how to maintain continuous operational readiness for CQC inspections, with a focus on governance, leadership, and management, including tools and models for effective changes.

Adaptation to Changing Requirements: Stay abreast of changing CQC requirements and new quality standards, gaining valuable knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving landscape of CQC inspections.

Take our free CQC Assessment Tool to understand your practice’s CQC readiness.

Programme Highlights

Navigating CQC Inspection Fundamentals
Master the fundamentals of CQC inspection CQC preparedness of the single assessment framework, encompassing the Practice Operating Model
Understanding CQC Criteria and Operations
Gain insights into what the CQC looks for and how it operates
Daily Preparedness for Inspections
Equip your teams to stay prepared for CQC assessments every day, ensuring sustained performance throughout the year
Impact of Governance, Leadership, and Management
Explore the impact of governance, leadership, and management on CQC performance
‘Outstanding’ Unveiled
Understand the characteristics of an ‘Outstanding’ practice
Tools and Models for Effective Change
Acquire tools and models for effective change, utilising a plan-do-study-act approach

Programme information


*Pre-course questionnaire before workshops.

*The two interactive workshops will be held virtually on MS Teams.


*Practice Managers
*CQC Practice Leads
*Operation Managers


*CQC Ready Every Day: £249 per practice

*Scale commissions available for PCNs, LMCs, and ICBs.

*Whether you are a Commissioner, PCN or Practice, we can get your organisation CQC ready, every day.

We’re proud to offer training programmes accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management, and are an accredited provider with the CPD Group.