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Our comprehensive Staff Survey will provide you with a holistic view of your workforce sentiments, attitudes, and engagement levels. By collecting anonymous feedback, we can uncover the factors that contribute to a positive work experience as well as identify areas that require improvement.

The survey equips leaders with the autonomy to implement changes based on a detailed report from our experts, highlighting strengths and opportunities for development within your workforce, thus enabling tailored strategies for improvement.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of workforce sentiments, attitudes, and engagement levels within your practice or Primary Care Network (PCN).

Identify strengths and areas for improvement through the analysis of anonymous feedback, enabling targeted strategies for enhancing the work experience.

Utilise the detailed report to inform decision-making and implement measures that positively impact staff satisfaction and well-being.

Programme Highlights

Kick-off webinar
We’ll explain the entire process, including how we gather staff views and how you can engage your team to take part
Online survey
We share a unique link to your survey, to share with both clinical and non-clinical staff in your practice. The survey is live for 3 weeks.
We provide you with a detailed report, including easy-to-read data, key insights from your staff and suggested actions
Follow-up webinar
See how your results compare with others in your peer group. Receive practical tips to make changes in your practice

Programme Information


* Attend the Kick-off webinar and Benchmark webinar (1-hour each).

* Staff Survey live for 2 weeks.

* Encourage participation from as many staff members as possible.


* Sign-up cut-off: 10th May 2024

* Kick-off webinar: 14th May

* Survey live: 3rd June – 21st June

* Benchmark meetings: 15th July

* Reports sent: 22nd July 2024 onward


* GP Partners

* Practice Managers

* PCN Leads


* This programme is FREE

* If you have more specific needs, please get in touch with us

A Partners Perspective

Dr Alexandra Watters, Partner at Brookside Surgery, describes her incredible post-programme journey