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Our next Pathway to Partnership Programme starts on 11th September 2024

The Problem

Surprisingly, practices are still struggling to use the full functionality of digital tools aimed at improving patient care. It is common for practices to comment on only using 30% of the software’s capability, overlooking significant opportunities to improve access.

Our Solution

During seven sprint workshops led by an experienced primary care coach, practices will assess (baseline) current services and access routes to identify and implement improvements. AccessEase allows practices to evaluate all service routes within their practice/locality, powering them towards modern general practice. Being able to align and use the enabling technology to improve patient access is the goal.

Let us lead your practice management team through a seamless transition to a modern operating model and to the future of healthcare access. Contact us using the link below.

Still Unsure?

Concerned about overwhelming patient traffic? While opening access may seem daunting, traditional methods often create artificial demand, such as the 8am rush. Behavioural science shows that offering more choices can help spread demand more evenly. By providing patients with a variety of appointment times and entry points, practices can better manage their workflow and ensure a smoother experience for everyone involved.

The Benefts

For the Practice:


  1. Reduced workload and increased productivity
  2. Improved access and overall patient care and satisfaction
  3. Clear visibility of all service routes positively impacts financial performance


For the Patients:


  1. Increased appointment options that fit around their lives – more convenience
  2. Improved continuity of care with appropriate clinician
  3. Greater control and understandable access to self-referral healthcare services


For the Staff:


  1. Improved digital literacy, job satisfaction and retention
  2. Reduced click rate and decision fatigue
  3. Operating at a higher level of productivity

The Opportunity

Realises economies of scale through collaboration within PCN teams, accelerating modern ways of working.

Accurx acknowledge practice teams are only using 30% of the technological functionality of their software. Even more worrying, this refers to the easy-to-use basic functions. Practices are overlooking significant opportunities for productive gains that could streamline both their workload and communication with patients, leading to improvements in access. 


For an introductory price of £6,000 per PCN including VAT, AccessEase aligns with the PCN DES 24/25 funding stream via the Capacity and Access Improvement Payment (CAIP) in supporting PCNs to achieve simpler online requests and faster care navigation.  

Head to page 50, section 11, of the Network Contract DES 2024/25 to find out more. Use the link below.

Programme Information


7-week programme covering 2-months


The programme will be a mixture of workshops and follow-up activities – these range from 1-3 hours


The next cohort begins on Monday, 2nd July. Below are the dates for all seven sessions:


  • Orientation: 2nd July (1.5 hour)
  • Baseline: 16th July (2 hours)
  • Service Design: 23rd July (2 hours)
  • Planning and Communication: 30th July (3 hours)
  • Technology Integration & Implementation Part 1: 6th August (1 hour)
  • Technology Integration & Implementation Part 2: 13th August (1 hour)
  • Follow-up: TBC (1 hour)


All sessions will be virtually delivered on MS Teams.


    • Practice Management team




Introductory offer: £6,000 per Primary Care Network (PCN) including VAT.


AccessEase can be funded through the PCN DES 24/25 funding stream via the Capacity and Access Improvement Payment (CAIP)


To participate in the AccessEase programme, practices must meet the following requirements:


Technology: Each participating practice should have a functional website to facilitate digital access and communication with patients.


Growth Mindset: Practices should be willing to adopt new ways of working and technologies to improve patient access.


Commitment: This is an intense programme, and practices must be prepared to commit time and effort to complete tasks outside of the workshops.


Participation: It is essential that key members of the practice management and clinical team contribute.

How It Works

During the one and a half hour virtual Orientation session, participants will receive an overview of the programme content and steps, while also introducing the process of mapping out their baseline assessment follow-up task.
Map the patient journey for each service, focusing on entry points and appointment booking processes, to establish the practice's current service offer in a two-hour session.
Service Design
Utilise the baseline assessment to explore potential modifications to service entry points during this two-hour session. Work together with your team to identify practical solutions that fit your practice's specific needs and goals.
Planning & Communication
Plan service change activities and how to communicate with them effectively to patients and the internal team, outlining the reasons and benefits for change in a three-hour session.
Technology Integration
Implementation of the enabling technology will be done by the practice team with the support of the Qualitas coach over an hour mentoring session across two weeks.
Follow-up and feedback session
Follow-up and feedback sessions provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their progress, share insights into the impacts and achievements of their efforts, and collaboratively plan the next steps forward.


“Patient self-booking links are working very well, and it is saving me about 20 minutes per clinical session. I am creating less task and making less phone calls -patients can now book appointments in their own time which they appreciate as this gives them greater control over how they access our services.”

Dr Sri Aravindhan
Partner at Glebelands Medical Practice

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