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Our next Pathway to Partnership Programme starts on 11th September 2024


At Qualitas, our vision extends beyond consultancy – it’s about shaping the future of healthcare across the nation.

With roots in the NHS Institute and extensive experience as an NHS England Delivery Partner, we are well-versed in navigating the complexities of large-scale healthcare operations. Our tailored approach integrates seamlessly with leadership and managerial development, ensuring tangible efficiency gains and a lasting positive impact.


Qualitas has a proven track record of successfully co-designing quality impactful programmes in NHS Trusts and large healthcare organisations. We partner with healthcare leaders to deepen their skills and improve the well-being of their staff, driving a culture of continuous improvement and facilitating retention at a time when burnout and turnover are at their worst on record. *Supporting a foundation Trust in developing and implementing their Strategy Deployment plan working with senior leaders across the Trust

Examples of Our Consulting Projects

*Supporting a foundation Trust in developing and implementing their Strategy Deployment plan working with senior leaders across the Trust

*Post-merger organisational development and leadership development at several large GP practices (including one of the largest multi-merged GP practices in England)

*Strategic planning and deployment for a large GP Federation in London

*Programme management, reporting, analysis and facilitation in the first testing of bringing the ‘Perfect Week’ concept from Secondary Care into Primary Care alongside NHS England

Bespoke Design

Our methodology with large client organisations is to first undertake a DISCOVER phase to develop a baseline and fully understand the objectives/outcomes and key performance indicators for the client organisation.

This leads onto a CO-DESIGN phase where we are embedded with our client to co-design the most appropriate package of support to deliver against the defined outcomes, objectives and KPIs.

Once signed off, DELIVER phase begins.

EVALUATE runs throughout and towards the end of a package of delivered interventions to ensure ongoing quality of our support and impact against outcomes, objectives and KPIs.

Additional Development Programmes

*Quality Improvement Academy
*Leadership and Management Academy
*Leadership and Management Academy
*Coaching – as part of a larger pack of support
*Team and organisational development

Quality Improvement Programmes

At Qualitas, we’re passionate about enhancing healthcare practices through our Quality Improvement Programmes. Check out a couple of stories that showcase the real-world impact of our bespoke initiatives:

Frimley Health NHS Trust

Working collaboratively with Frimley Health NHS Trust, Qualitas co-developed and delivered the Tools for Change Projects programme. A 7-month programme delivered over 20 cohorts to hundreds of staff and 130 improvement projects across the Trust. The programme provided training in quality improvement and project management tools and approaches brought to life through participant live projects across the programme duration. Improvement projects from participants included:

*Management of availability of surgical equipment and positioning devices.
Increasing midwife retention by addressing staff concerns.

*The programme was widely publicised at the Trust and the approaches and benefits shared with others outside the programme led to a wider utilisation of quality improvement across the Trust.

Beaumont Hospital

Qualitas also co-developed and delivered a programme at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin to multiple cohorts, providing quality improvement training over intensive 2-day courses to groups of 75-100 staff at a time. This programme took a more traditional ‘teaching’ approach delivering sessions on tools to provide participants with an immersion in quality improvement.

Leadership Programmes

Our Pathway to Partnership (P2P) programme, developed in collaboration with GP partners, academic experts, and primary care specialists, is a nationally recognised 12-month initiative. Accredited by the CPD Group and approved by The Institute of Leadership & Management, P2P equips GP practice partners with essential leadership, strategy, and operations skills. Through live teaching sessions, group exercises, and coaching, participants develop immediate, impactful tools and skills.

Partners completing the programme report a significant increase in confidence and understanding across key areas, including negotiation, finance, and change management. Led by a team of experts, we provide ongoing support and foster a strong alumni network for sustained development and peer support.

Additional Development Programmes:

*Pathway For Integrated Neighbourhood Teams
*Pathway for High Performing Teams
*Managing Challenging Patient Conversations
*CQC Ready Every Day
*Project Management in Practice
*Bi-Annual Staff Survey

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We’re committed to improving the wellbeing of the Healthcare teams we work with, and supporting care providers to deliver the best services for their community.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you through organisational design, development and transformation.