GP Partner Training Course Leaders

Pathway to Partnership: The experts delivering the course Starting in January 2021, Qualitas is offering a development programme for new and prospective partners in GP practices. Called Pathway to Partnership, you can find out more about the programme here. In this article, we profile the experts who will be delivering the course. The course is led by Qualitas Qualitas has worked with over 1,000 GP practices to help … Read more

Funding for GP Partner Training

Funding opportunities for new partners in GP Practices Since February 2020, NHS England has offered the New to Partnership Payment Scheme (N2PP). This scheme offers eligible participants a sum of up to £20,000 plus a contribution towards costs of up to £4,000 to help new GP partners become established, in addition to a £3,000 training fund for non-clinical development. The aim … Read more

Covid-19: The impact on General Practice appointments in 2020 and the challenge ahead

Covid-19 and the associated lockdown has forced the NHS to adapt to what is regarded as its greatest ever challenge. The unprecedented surge in demand, coupled with a reduction in capacity, has created a backlog across all systems of care. This has largely been unquantified across GP practices at macro level, as the system is … Read more