Pathway for Integrated Neighbourhood Teams

New Development Programme starting in March 2023

Qualitas are proud to offer training programmes accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management.  We are also an accredited provider with the CPD Group.

The Institute of Leadership & Management

Pathway for Integrated Neighbourhood Teams

Development programme for PCNs and Practices responsible for delivering joined up care

As the essential building blocks of Integrated Care Systems, we need to ensure that PCNs and Practices are in the best possible shape for the future. 

It is likely your team are grappling with the challenge of enabling your Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and practices to deliver the vision for integrated care as set out by the Fuller stocktake. 

The shift towards collaborative working across organisational boundaries and navigating this changing environment isn’t easy for leaders and managers within Primary Care. A key test of leadership is bringing teams from multiple agencies together, often with different cultures and ways of working, to create an integrated neighbourhood approach that puts patients at the centre.  

Pathway for Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INTs) is a development programme enabling primary care organisations to develop their workforce to support the delivery of integrated and person-centred care.  

This programme will enable your PCNs and/or Practices to mature and be in the best position to maximise the opportunities of service provider integrated care. It will enable your teams to develop the platform for the future in your area – as the future of PCNs / INTs becomes clearer, your networks and practices will be positioned to continue and be well prepared for the transition to a new collective – be that Integrated Neighbourhood Teams or something else. 

Why is our programme unique?

Many programmes look to develop the individual as a way of developing the organisation. This is a great opportunity for the individual but often leads to challenges in the overall organisation development if focussing solely on development of the individual and not the collective organisation.  

With this programme Qualitas provide Primary Care organisations with the pathway, knowledge, skills and tools to transform and mature. 

Each PCN / practices can decide who are the most appropriate people to attend each of the sessions. Some will be suitable for the Clinical Director/Partner and others at board level; other sessions may be more relevant for the PCN Manager, ARRS lead roles or Practice Managers. 

The programme will enable PCNs or Practices to: 

  • Work effectively, collaborating across organisational boundaries to achieve the PCN strategic plan for local patients and practices 
  • Be in a strong position to respond to future NHS structural changes and challenges with patient demand and expectations 

The Programme will support PCNs / Practices to address the challenges of Integrated Neighbourhood Teams implementing change across Primary Care systems namely: 

  • Trust within and across all services providers 
  • Acknowledgement that the wider determinants of health go beyond primary care; social and economic boundaries.  

“When implementing new ways of working across multiple organisations, often the challenge is not the improvement of services; technology or new ways of working (processes) but the development of relationships and ways of working between the teams and staff. “(1) 

The Pathway for Integrated Neighbourhood Teams will support the development of the skills required to manage the challenges currently being faced across Primary Care, whilst minimising the risk the to INT’s and PCN success.

Qualitas’ Pathway for Integrated Neighbourhood Teams covers: 

  • Academic theory and skills for leading across organisational boundaries (including leading without authority, negotiation and conflict management, collaboration and co-delivery) 
  • Approaches to developing the strategic plan and prioritisation for your INT / PCN combining leadership, team, practices, other organisations and patient views 
  • Skills and tools to develop the appropriate governance structure to manage risk and maximise the opportunity of your INT / PCN (and beyond) (including legal considerations) 
  • Skills and tools to develop and maintain a high-performing team within the INT / PCN (including workforce planning, retention and culture development) 
  • Skills and tools to engage, communicate and manage stakeholders effectively 
  • Knowledge and tools to monitor and manage the performance of your PCN (financial, practice benefits and patient outcomes) 
  • Knowledge, tools and ideas to manage and maximise the facilities and estates within the INT / PCN 
  • Skills and tools to set up, oversee and deliver effective projects within and across the INT / PCN 

The programme can be commissioned within a single ICS to cover all or a number of PCNs within the footprint. Alternatively places on a national programme can be commissioned by ICSs across the country. 

The programme will require participating PCNs /practices to complete actions during and following each session to develop and mature their organisations. 

The programme is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and CPD Group and offers 30 CPD points.  

When does it start and how long does it run?

3 x Virtual Sessions  

  • 22nd March 2023 – 12.30-14.00 
  • 17th May 2023 – 12.30-14.00 
  • 19th July 2023 – 12.30-14.00 

3 x Full Day Sessions 

  • 19th April 2023 – 10.00 – 18.00 
  • 28th June 2023 –  10.00 – 18.00 
  • 20th September 2023 – 10.00 – 18.00 
  • The full days are delivered in person and a locality close to your cohort. The option to join us virtually is possible. This is flexible across the duration of the programme for participants.
  • Modular programme with practical exercises to implement at your organisation in between training sessions 

Who are Qualitas?

Qualitas Consortium are an award winning healthcare advisory and training services business, enabling primary care organisations to develop their workforce to support the delivery of integrated and person-centred care.  

  • Qualitas are an Award Winning Education Provider
  • Qualitas are a delivery partner of NHS England’s Primary Care Transformation Team,  providing quality improvement within general practice through funded Accelerate Programme
  • Qualitas has worked with over 2,500 GP practices including a number of Primary Care Networks and LMCs across England to help deliver strategic transformation and organisational improvement 
  • We have used this accumulated experience across a diverse array of organisations to design this in-depth programme 

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