What We Do

At Qualitas, we provide a range of support to our clients






We can support you through delivery of modules tackling specific issues or as part of a transformation programme.

We tailor our approach depending on the needs of each client and each situation. We are collaborative: embedding ourselves as a member of your team, always with an emphasis on the human factors of change. Our work is relationship-based and built around co-design, co-delivery and skills transfer to support sustainable change.

Organisational Transformation

Strategy and Business Planning

Support your business to define the organisational goals, strategic direction and prioritisation, sharing and communicating with employees to drive organisational success and long-term business stability and sustainability

Organisation Design

Develop organisational maturity and design models, set effective governance frameworks to underpin delivery of organisational strategy, including improved stakeholder relationships, internal structures to deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Organisation Development

Supporting your organisation to develop employees and create the best organisational culture to deliver innovative client solutions, enhancing service delivery, achieve and sustain all required organisational changes

Organisational Improvement

Financial Analysis and Planning

Develop a systematic plan to improve operational financial performance, risk management, sales trends, cash management, forecasting and investment prioritisation

Demand and Capacity Planning

Use operational data to forecast demand and plan operational capacity to deliver all customer requirements. Enable improved and ultimately optimal use of resources, reducing capacity costs, managing systematic backlog recovery, reducing queues/waits

Clinical and Operational Scheduling

Building on demand and capacity profiling to support weekly/monthly/annual scheduling for all operational delivery

HR Planning, Advice and Guidance

Workforce optimisation support including skills and capability reviews, staff training to underpin changes determined through organisation design

Quality Improvement

Coaching your teams in quality improvement techniques to develop cultures of continuous improvement. All geared to deliver cost or time savings, enhancing performance with improved customer ratings

Change and Project Management

Support you to embed project management principles, to deliver real value or direct management of your strategic transformation or improvement programme

People Focus Support/Change

Leadership Coaching

Individual or small group support to enhance organisational productivity, profit, morale and loyalty

Developing Strong, Agile Teams

Support targeted at the leadership or operational management team strengthening cohesion, agility and performance; all underpinning delivery of personal, team and organisational goals, particularly through periods of change

Management and Staff Wellbeing

Providing wellbeing support to your teams, building team resilience, supporting improved team performance while reducing staff sickness and turnover

Optimised Delivery of Clinical Care

Develop individuals and teams to deliver optimised services at the ‘top of their license’ and design, test and implement new services to improve customer satisfaction and internal cost optimisation

We look forward to working with you