Marion Dixon

Board Chair

Marion Dixon

the vision

from the beginning

We have built a great team over the last few years to ensure our work meets the high standards we set ourselves and deliver to our customers.  We take our core values of partnership, excellence and people incredibly seriously; whilst having fun, enjoying what we do and seeing the difference we can help organisations make.

As Board Chair of Qualitas Consortium UK, Marion is responsible for corporate governance, ensuring that the Board is an effective working group at the head of the company and for its financial probity. Marion has specialised in service management and leadership for over 30 years, specialising in healthcare settings, supporting and enabling clinical staff to deliver on their leadership potential and to build a culture of operational excellence. 

Marion is passionate about enabling healthcare leaders to reach their full potential and supporting healthcare teams to provide better, safer care for patients and consumers. She believes firmly in life-long learning and constantly challenges herself to seek out opportunities to improve her knowledge and skills.