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Primary Care Transformation Team support for General Practice

NHS England

As an accredited delivery partner of NHS England, Qualitas works with the Primary Care Transformation Team to deliver quality improvement to general practices.  

So far, we have worked with over 1,000 general practices, saving them a total of 242,535 hours of clinical and admin time per year. This equates to a cost saving of £6.2 million.

The Primary Care Transformation Team have announced support for the following offer for General Practice teams and Primary Care Networks:

Benefits of the programme for practices

In partnership with NHS England, Qualitas has and continues to successfully deliver this programme to hundreds of practices and networks. These practices achieved thousands of hours in time savings which have been reinvested back into staff wellbeing and patient care. In the last 12 months practices saved on average 240 hours per year, or the equivalent of 32 staff days per practice. If you would like to read some practice case studies click here.

An experienced facilitator will work directly with your practice, understanding your specific challenges and working with you and your team through the programme to achieve change. Qualitas has been working with practices on this programme since 2016 and throughout the pandemic. Investing some time from your team in this programme can lead to significant benefits in terms of efficiencies but also improved staff morale and performance.

If you have any further questions about the support offer, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Qualitas team.

How do I access the support?

To access the support, you need to join the NHS England Primary Care Improvement Community (PCIC) if you are not already a member.

To do this, email [email protected] to request to join the community (more details on the community can be found here).

Once signed up, you will need to book a place on a webinar to find out more about the support being offered and how to apply.

Please note that Qualitas is one of four delivery partners for NHS England providing this support directly to practices via expert facilitators. 

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